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Welcome to the listening room. Here you will find clips of the christmas album released in 2008 along with other stuff I have put together over the years. I hope you will enjoy it.

albums and tracks for sale!

Following is the stuff I have for sale on band camp and in itunes. If you want to view my page in itunes then go here. Enjoy.

Schubert: An Die Musik

Here is a wonderful Piece by a composer who thought music was so beautiful he would write a poem, then set it to music.

breath of heaven: from Christmas Treasures

It’s no longer Christmas, but who does not want to spread some joy and tell the story of Marry? Here from Christmas Treasures is one of my favorite pieces. Check it out, then buy the digital album.

Seven Bridges Road

Here is a wonderful piece describing scenery that is picturesque

The christmas album.

In 2006 I started to put together a christmas album. I figured that everyone must, no matter what time of year, have the sweet spirit of christmas in their lives. Click back to the homepage for the iTunes link. Here are the clips of the album though for your listening pleasure. Feel free to give this as a gift. *wink wink*

my portfolio

and now, here is the clips section which will be added to as time goes buy. It also has interviews I edited. The order is from newest to oldest so enjoy.

  • Following is a link to an event I participated in on September 6 2015. Enjoy.
  • Here is a song off of the new album due July 2015. It’s one of my favorites. Click here to listen.
  • Here is an excerpt of a tallent show I was in. This was recorded in october of 2010. httpv://
  • This is an interview I was asked to edit. I work for a company called Project Starfish America, wherein I learn how to market, and do sales and broadcasting, and over all learn new skill sets. I would like to thank Subs from Project Starfish America for asking me to take on this fun and inspirational project. The result can be heard by
    clicking this link.
  • Here is a beautiful aria. Translation is in the notes on youtube.
  • Seben Crudelle is a simple, but beautiful aria.
    click here to listen to this simple yet beautiful and powerful aria. and here’s the video.
  • httpv://

  • and this one is a Martina McBride song I did called This ones for the girls. I had some dying equipment so this one is planned for a redo.
  • httpv://

  • Part of a performance I did december 31 2010.
  • Here is something I did for an upcoming show case of talent in 2010.
  • httpv://

  • Here is a cover of when you say nothing at all, arranger, Allison Krawss.
  • httpv://

  • This is a song by Alisha Keys called Fallen.
  • httpv://

  • This is my audition for America’s got Tallent, february 8 2010.


I hope you have enjoyed what you have heard and what you will continue to hear as I add to this page. Enjoy and be blessed.

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