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Music music and more music. It’s all here. The following is an ever changing list of tracks and albums and were to buy them. Feel free to check my band camp for most of the albums. I have them up on i
iTunes page as well.

Christmas is upon us.

At the time of this writing it is about a month and 2 weeks from the celebration of our savior’s birthday. I thought last year to put together an album called christmas treasure. That got pulled from iTunes so look for that on my band camp page, see link above. My humble apologies for the pull, but that was not my doing, iTunes did it. Onward to another christmas album

In 2008, I released marrie’s Marry christmas an album featuring 10 of my most favorite tracks. I hope that one brings you cheer and love to your family. Feel free to gift this album now and have it arrive in your family member’s inbox. If you are seeing this after the christmas holidays feel free to get it anyway. It would make a good digital stocking stuffer for next year.

Oldies are cool!

I love the old classics. So I put together A Journey Through the Oldies. This is, or should be an album with 2 tracks. Both of which are my favorites.

see you at the store.

I have others up there such as Seven Bridges Road for example. I was asked to do that one years ago. That one is a very fun piece to do. Feel free to shop around at the iTunes store and my band camp page.

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