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welcome to alawami productions, a place where we believe in high quality editing. Check out the music page for more info.

do you need editing of spoken word done and don’t have the time or know how? You’ve come to the right place. Please contact me for more info and as long as it can be done, you will get an invoice. If not you will be sent and email explaining why it cannot be done. I’m very confident that it can tackle most spoken audio, as long as it is in english as that’s the only language I speak. Make sure if you are sending me an mp3 to edit it is 192kbps and higher. If it is a wav file make sure it’s a gig or under. I’d [prefer flac as it combines the best of both worlds. Thanks for trying out alawami productions and come back soon.

Submit your audio here.

please upload your audio here. Include your email address as well as a description of what you want to have done. For screen reader users, the first field after the “choose file” button is description, and the next field is for your email address. You might get the message that this dropbox is not available, however, the upload should still work. Keep an eye on the frame until you see the confirmation that your file has been delivered. If the form does not work contact me using the nav bar link. Or send an email to this address and explain what’s going on.

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